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Case Name: David Bangura v The Minister of the Interior
Site Name: Israel
Primary Language: Hebrew
Date Decided: Dec 19, 2012
Court: Tel Aviv – Jaffa District Court, sitting as the Court for Administrative Affairs
Jurisdiction: Israel
Country of Origin: Sierra Leone
Concepts: ‘Real chance’ of persecution; Being persecuted; Choice of country of asylum; Common crimes; Country of first asylum; Indirect arrival; Persecution; State protection; Transit through safe country; Unable to seek state protection; Well-founded fear
Hathaway Numbers: 2.3, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.5, 5.6.1, 6.3
Summary in Primary Language: אזרח סיירה לאון נכנס לישראל עם אשרת מבקר ומבקש מקלט מחשש לחיו בידי קבוצה סודית במדינתו. בית המשפט קבע כי... Read More read more
Case Summary: Sierra Leone citizen seeks refugee status owing to fear for his life at the hands of the Poro Society an alleged militant group operating across the country. 
Additional Factual Information: The Petitioner entered Israel with a B-2 visa granted to tourists and business visitors. The Petitioner claim he quarreled with... Read More read more
Additional Legal Information: The Court held that none of the grounds listed in the Refugee convention is applicable in this case since... Read More read more
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