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This team contributes leading decisions from Belarus

Belarus's Most Recent Decision

The most recent decision from Belarus is Masuda Abdul Khalik v Ministry of Labour and Social Defence, a decision rendered in Belarus by the Moskovskij Regional Court on Apr 13, 2004, involving an applicant from Afghanistan. A brief summary of the facts of the case is: The wife of an Afghan refugee fears persecution by the Mojaheds because of her marital status.

Courts in Belarus

Supreme Court of the Republic of Belarus
City Court of Minsk (Court of Appeal)
Moskovskij Regional Court
Centralnyj Regioal Court

The National Coordinators for Belarus are:

Natalia Berkowitz

Ms. Berkowitz has been working as a legal assistant with the UNHCR Representative office in the Republic of Belarus. She represents the interests of refugees and asylum seekers in the state institution and courts of Read More Read more

Inna Ugnivenko

As Madame Justice of the Appeals Court, Ms. Ugnivenko deals with cases of refugees and asylum seekers, reviewing decisions of the lower courts. In addition, from 1999 to 2002, she also issued original judgments on such cases. As of 2002, she is the only Belorussian member of the International Association of Refugee Judges.