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Germany's Most Recent Decision

The most recent decision from Germany is 10 C 19.09, a decision rendered in Germany by the Federal Administrative Court on Dec 9, 2010, involving an applicant from Pakistan. A brief summary of the facts of the case is: Pakistani member of Ahmadiyya community fears of not being able to live his religious beliefs upon return fearing abuse and imprisonment because of his religion. With the decision the court referred several questions for a preliminary ruling on persecution for reason of religion to the CJEU. The Federal Administrative Court essentially aims at clarifying whether there is a core of the freedom of religion and whether only a grave violation of this core would constitute persecution. The court further wants to know what exactly constitutes persecution in "religion cases" and whether there are also religious practices that the applicant can reasonably be asked to abstain from.

Courts in Germany

Federal Constitutional Court
Federal Administrative Court
Higher Administrative Court

The National Coordinators for Germany are:

Constantin Hruschka

Dr. Constantin Hruschka works for UNHCR in Geneva. Previously he worked for UNCHR in Germany where he provided, amongst other things, training on the 1951 Convention and on European refugee law and its impact on Read More Read more